Whilst on placement, your personal presentation should be reflective of a student representing the University. Professional appearance and behaviour is to be maintained at all times. The uniform is available at the FedUni shop on the Mt Helen and Gippsland campuses. Your official uniform clearly identifies that you are a student of Federation University Australia and must be worn to and from clinical placement unless otherwise directed. Improper attire may result in being asked to leave the venue and recorded as absent for that shift unless it is a designated 'non-uniform' placement

If you are attending clinical placements which stipulate 'non–uniform' – for example some mental health agencies – you may be requested to wear neat, clean professional clothes with closed-toe shoes, as approved by the health agency. Inappropriate attire such as jeans and tracksuits will not be tolerated. In the event that your professional appearance is inappropriate, you will be sent home and this will be counted as a missed placement day.

It is recommended you purchase at least two uniforms. The uniform should be freshly laundered, ironed, stain free, in good repair and appropriately sized. Footwear must be closed-toe with non-slip sole. Hair must be clean. Long hair must be styled neatly and tied up off the collar so that it does not come into contact with either the client/patient, equipment or other items. Beards should be trimmed and tidy. Fingernails should be clean, short and free of nail polish. Ornamental jewellery is not to be worn, with the exception of a wedding ring, plain earrings, sleepers or small studs or a fob watch with a second hand. Any jewellery associated with body piercing should be removed or covered. Wrist watches and bracelets are not to be worn whilst on clinical placement.

The approved Bachelor of Nursing uniform is:


  • V neck scrub top, womans | midnight, nursing
  • Roll up waist scrub pants | midnight, nursing and nursing/midwifery
  • Socks - Navy or black
  • Shoes - navy/black lace-up duty shoes


  • V neck scrub top, mens/unisex | midnight, nursing
  • Scrub pants | midnight, nursing, and nursing/midwifery
  • Socks - navy or black
  • Shoes - navy/black lace-up duty shoes

Note: Cardigans or jumpers must only be worn to and from placements. They must not be worn whilst on duty.

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