Referrals and appointments

Referrals can be made by health professionals, teachers, local agencies and private or government-sponsored agencies.

Alternatively, individuals (or guardians) can contact us directly to make a referral. Any referral for a cognitive assessment must provide a letter of support by a professional to explain why this person would benefit from an assessment.  This letter may be written by a teacher, principle, paediatrician, GP, psychologist, OT, speech therapist or case worker. After making a referral, you will be contacted by our daily intake worker. The intake worker will ask you a set of standardised questions that allows us to get a holistic picture of what you are hoping to gain from our service and also the reason for referral. All referrals are then taken to our weekly intake meeting in which we discuss whether our service is the most appropriate to meet your needs.

Referrals and appointments can be made by telephone, post or email. You can also use our Organisational Referral Form. This form allows an organisation to refer someone to Federation Community Psychology Services for an assessment or treatment. Please complete the form and email it to us at the address listed below.

Please contact us to book in and speak with one of our provisional psychologists.

Phone: 03 5327 8483
Form: Organisational Referral Form