Psychology treatment

We charge a small fee for psychological treatment provided. Initial consultation are free, and psychological treatment for adults and children cost $10 ($5 for concession card holders) per 50 minute session. In the case of formal psychological testing and assessment fees range from $125-$275 if the client pays. Different fees apply if an organisation pays.(please see below for more information).

Formal psychological assessments

We also offer cognitive and academic assessments for children, adolescents and adults. Such assessments explore difficulties in intellectual functioning, learning, memory, academic ability, attention and concentration and can help determine whether someone has a specific learning disorder, intellectual disability or other developmental disorder. Our clinicians are aware of the various departmental and organisational guidelines related to funding for children and adolescents and are able to provide formal psychological assessment reports in accordance with these.

On our team at the clinic we have paediatric neuropsychologist, Dr Jacquie Evans-Barker to consult with the cognitive assessments completed by the provisional psychologists. She is currently working with us one day a week.

The service fee for cognitive assessments are as follows:

Tier 1

Intellectual Ability Assessment or Academic Ability Assessment - $175 ($125 Concession) if the client pays directly.  $425 if an invoice is required for an organisation to pay.


  • Clinical interview
  • Testing (one intellectual or academic)
  • Feedback to client / family
  • Report

Tier 2

Comprehensive Assessment and Intervention - $275 ($225 Concession)  if the client pays directly.  $525 if an invoice is required for an organisation to pay.

May include:

  • Clinical interview
  • Testing (intellectual, academic and behavioural)
  • Behavioural observations
  • Feedback to client / family and school
  • Report
  • Further therapy / intervention as needed

These fees are not paid to individual clinicians or supervising staff but are used to maintain and purchase equipment and psychological tests for the Federation Community Psychology Services.

The costs of tests and equipment are significantly subsidised to enable clients with financial difficulty to be able to use our services.

In line with our philosophy that no one should be refused service because of financial difficulties, in cases of genuine financial hardship fees can be waived. Please note that fees are payable prior to the release of the completed report.

Fees for agencies may vary. Please contact us for more information.