About us

Victorian Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (VIOSH) Australia has a global reputation for its innovative approach within the field of OHS management. VIOSH is the Asia-Pacific centre for teaching and research in occupational health and safety, and is renowned as one of Australia's leaders in the field.

Together with a network of consultants, VIOSH Australia provides training, professional consultancy and contract research to corporate as well as industry association clients aimed at:

  • Increasing health and safety literacy in workplaces throughout the Asia-Pacific region
  • Stimulating and undertaking research and development to reduce occupational risk
  • Providing timely, OHS solution-focused advice to assist client organisations to increase productivity through programs targeted at workplace health and safety

VIOSH Australia delivers the best of both formal educational programs and short courses in OHS:

  • Graduate Certificate of Health (Workplace Health and Safety)
  • Graduate Diploma of Health (Workplace Health and Safety)
  • Master's degree in Health (Workplace Health and Safety)

All educational programs are delivered flexibly to meet the individual needs of learners and are accredited through the Australian OHS Education Accreditation Board.

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Dr Stephen Weber
Lecturer Work Health and Safety | Institute of Health and Wellbeing
+61 3 5327 6179