Appeal to University Appeals Committee

Appealing to the University Appeals Committee is not the primary avenue of appeal. You can only appeal to the Appeals Committee if you have had a previous appeal dismissed or another adverse decision made against you (for example, an unsuccessful Special Consideration application or Credit transfer application). Your appeal must be based on one, or both of the following grounds:

  • New evidence - New information not known to the student at the date of the decision being appealed, which becomes apparent after the date of that decision; or
  • Irregularity of procedure - A procedural irregularity has occurred during the recommending and/or making of the decision appealed against.

When we can help

  • if you want to discuss your appeal
  • if you are not sure if you have a case
  • if you are confused or unsure about the process, or the timelines
  • if you think you are outside the timeline, but wish to seek advice

Further information and resources

You should carefully read the information and fill in the form that can be found at the Appeals Committee page

The form includes a space for an 'appeal statement'. You may wish to prepare a longer statement by writing a letter. Appeal to Appeal Committee letter template (pdf, 46kb)

Other important information to read:

Student Appeal Procedure

Appeals to the University Appeals Committee Procedure

Regulation 2.2 Appeals Committee (pdf, 21kb)