Assoc Prof Vince Verheyen - Research

Current research projects

  • Reducing the cost of CO2 capture with a focus on understanding amine degradation
  • Conversion of algae to commercial products
  • Production of fuel and fine chemicals from coal tar
  • Humic compounds in brown coal and biomass

Current supervision

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)
Thesis title: Regeneration of Novel Amine Systems loaded with SO2 to lower the cost of CO2 capture from flue gases
Supervisors: Verheyen, V (Main), Cousins, A (Associate, -CSIRO),

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)
Thesis title: Environmental and resource management of new process streams associated with CO2 capture in the Latrobe Valley.
Supervisors: Verheyen, V (Main), Meuleman, E (Associate, -Ion Engineering ),

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)
Thesis title: The role of heterogeneous reactions and interactions between aqueous amine solvents, metal surfaces and fly-ash on solvent degradation during Post-Combustion Capture of CO2.
Supervisors: Verheyen, V (Main), Meuleman, E (Associate, -Ion Engineering),

Program of study: (Doctorate by research)
Thesis title: The origin, fate and biological effect of selected compounds on anaerobic / aerobic (MBR) treatment.
Supervisors: Brook-Carter, P (Main), Verheyen, V (Associate).

Completed supervisions

Student: Dickenson, J.
Thesis title: Development of a process model for the prediction of absorbent degradation during CO2 capture. Ph.D 2015
Supervisors: Percy, A (Main), Puxty, G (Associate), Verheyen, V (Associate).

Student: Bui, M.T.
Thesis title: Optimisation of the flexible and sustainable operation of a post-combustion CO2 capture plant in brown coal-fired power stations. Ph.D 2015
Supervisors: Gunawan, I (Main), Verheyen, V (Associate) Meuleman, E (Associate), Ferron P. (External)

Student: Reynolds, A.J.
Thesis title: Identification and monitoring of by-products generated from amine based solvents and adsorbents during post-combustion CO2 capture (PCC) from brown coal flue gases. Ph.D 2015
Supervisors: Adeloju, S (Main), Verheyen, V (Associate), Chaffee, A (Associate).

Student: Ameen, A.
Program of study: (Master of Engineering systems in Mining Engineering).
Thesis title: Dewatering of brown coal using super absorbent nanocomposite
Supervisors: Devasahyam, S. (joint), Verheyen T.V. (joint).

Student: Hellings, J.L.
Thesis title: The role of fire in the atmospheric cycling and biogeochemistry of mercury in the Australian environment. (PHD) 2009.
Supervisors: Adeloju S,(Main), Verheyen, T.V. (Associate).

Laboratory members

  • Alicia Reynolds (Research Associate)

Potential Honours and PhD projects

Many analytical based projects are available. Areas include environment, carbon capture and brown coal + biomass to products. If you have a passion for your own project idea that can use our state of the art analytical facilities come and talk to me

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Consulting and other activities

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