Greenslade, Penelope (Dr)

Position Honorary Research Fellow Penny Greenslade
Office Y128 (Y Building, Level 1, East Wing)
Phone +61 3 5327 6205


  • B. A. (Cantab)
  • M. A. (Cantab)
  • Ph D (UoB)


My research interests are the taxonomy and ecology of Collembola, a group of common and abundant arthropods closely associated with soil and decomposition processes. I have worked on the group not only in all climatic zones in Australia but also in Antarctica, Indonesia, Burma, South Africa and the Solomon Islands among other places. At present, I am using these organisms to assess the success of rehabilitation processes in several Australian States.

Teaching areas

  • Supervise third year and Ph D research projects
  • Give lectures on "Pest" invertebrates to second year students

Extended research profile