Bertoli, Marcello - Research

Current research projects/students

PhD in Engineering (Geomechanics)


  1. Beliakov, G., Ting, K. M., Murshed, M., Rubinov, A.M. & Bertoli, M. (2003). Efficient serial and parallel implementations of the cutting angle method. Applied Optimization 82, 57--74.
  2. Bertoli,M., Stranieri,A. (2004) Forecasting a Complex Dataset with Association Rules. In: Hamid R. Arabnia (Ed.), Proceedings of the International Conference on Information and Knowledge Engineering. (IKE'04), June 2004, 315-321 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. CSREA Press 2004, ISBN 1-932415-27-0
  3. Bertoli, M. & Stranieri, A. (2004). Forecasting on complex datasets with association rules. Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Knowledge-Based Intelligent Information & Engineering Systems, Wellington, pp 1170-1180.

Professional memberships and associations

  • Australian Computer Society
  • Australian Institute of Physics

Research interests

  • Finite elements
  • Data mining
  • Distributed systems