John King - extended research

Position:Honorary Professor


For a full list of Professor John King's contributions to research, please see his CV.

Current research projects

He is currently working on a book for Edward Elgar, The Alternative Austrian Economics, dealing with socialist economic thought in Austria between 1904 and the present day.


Recent publications include:

Advanced Introduction to Post Keynesian Economics (2015);

The Distribution of Wealth (2016; with Michael Schneider and Mike Pottenger);

‘Do we need microfoundations for macroeconomics?’, in L.-P. Rochon and S. Rossi (eds), An Introduction to Macroeconomics: A Heterodox Approach to Economic Analysis (2016), pp. 381-97; ‘The literature on Piketty’, Review of Political Economy, 29 (1), January, pp. 1-17;

‘Nicholas Kaldor and the War on Monetarism’, in L.-P. Rochin and S. Rossi (eds), Advances in Endogenous Money Analysis, Elgar, 2017, pp. 188-207;

‘Marxian economics’, in G. Faccarello and H. Kurz (eds), Routledge Historical Resources: History of Economic Thought (electronic resource, 2017)’;

‘Reviving the living dead: economic policy with ethical values’, Journal of Australian Political Economy, 80, Summer 2017/2018, pp. 178-200 (with M. Bankovsky);

A History of American Economic Thought (2018; with Samuel Barbour and James Cicarelli).