Samanthala Hettihewa - recent research

Position:Honorary Research Fellow


For a full list of Dr Samanthala Hettihewa's contributions to research, please see her CV.


Recent publications:

Hettihewa, S. (with, Saha, S. and Zhang, H), (2018), ‘Influence of aging population on stock markets: Evidence from New Zealand’, Economic Modelling, Vol 75, pp.142-158 (ABDC ranked ‘A’).

Hettihewa, S. (with Kopp, L., and Wright, C.S), (2019), Ethics/Virtues and Consequences: An Exploratory Study of Regional Small Business in Developed and Emerging Countries, International Journal of Business and Economics. (forthcoming ),(ABDC ranked ‘B’).

Hettihewa, S. (with Mok, D., and Wright, C.S.), ( 2019), Has Raising Higher-Education Participation Missed the Mark? Cost Management. (Forthcoming, Sept/Oct, ABDC ranked ‘C’).

Hettihewa, S., (with Wright, C.S.), (2018), ‘Nature and Importance of Small Business in Regional Australia, with a Contrast to Studies of Urban Small Businesses’, Australasian Journal of Regional Studies, Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 96-121. (ABDC ranked ‘B’).

Hettihewa, S., (with Andeobu, L., and Wright, C.S.), (2017), ‘Insights on how Extractive-Industry Firms can Enhance Stakeholder Confidence and Comfort’, Cost Management. (forthcoming - Sept/Oct 2017). (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Andeobu, L.), (2017), ‘An Australian Extractive Sector Perspective of Risk Management and Corporate Sustainability’, The Global Review of Accounting and Finance’. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Pratheepkanth, P., and Wright, C.S.), (2016), ‘Effects of Board Structure on Firm Performance: a Comparison between Australia and Sri Lanka’. The Global Review of Accounting and Finance, March, 1-12. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Iddon, C. and Wright, C.S. (2015), ‘Value Relevance of Accounting and Other Variables in the Junior-Mining Sector’, Australasian Accounting Business and Finance Journal, 9(1). pp.25-42. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Andeobu, L. and Wright, C. S.), (2015), ‘Risk management in the Extractive Industry: An Empirical Investigation of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry’, Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 17(1), 86-102. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Pratheepkanth, P. and Wright, C.S.), (2015), ‘Are Capital Budgeting Practices in Developed and Emerging Countries Convergent or Divergent?’ Global Review of Accounting and Finance, 6(2), pp16-30. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Gell P., Hanson, B. and Miller, C.) (2015), ‘Narmboolville – A game of adaptation on the land’ Eingana, the Journal of Environmental Education Victoria, 38(2), 35

Hettihewa, S., (with Iddon, C., and Wright, C.S.), (2014), ‘Externalising Intolerable Risk and Uncertainty: The Mining Sector as a Strategic-cost Leader’, Cost Management. Nov/Dec, 42-48. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Mukulu, S. and Wright, C.S.), (2014), ‘Financial Contagion and Crisis: An Empirical Study of Financial-stress Flows between Australia and the US’, Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 16(3), 11-34. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S. (with Wright, C. S.), (2014), ‘Does mass-franchising of university programs interfere with achieving higher education expectations’? Studies in Learning Evaluation Innovation and Development, 10(1), 38-49. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Iddon, C., and Wright, C.S.), (2013), ‘Junior Mining Sector Capital-raisings: The Effect of Information Asymmetry and Uncertainty Issues’, Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 14(2), 56-67. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S., (with Mukulu, S. Wright C.S.), (2012), ‘An Enquiry in to the Relationship of Wealth Income and Demography to HIV/AIDS in Kenya”, International Review of Business Research Papers’, 3(2), 66-84. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Hettihewa, S. (with Wright, C.S.), (2012), ‘Tertiary-Education-Quality Perceptions in Developed Countries, during and after a Half-century of Internal Evaluations’, Studies in Learning Evaluation Innovation and Development, 9(1), 84-96. (ABDC/ERA ranked).

Postgraduate research degree supervision

PhD supervision as the Principal Supervisor - recently completed PhDs

Sandra Mukulu (2018), ‘A Financial Stress Index to Model and Forecast Financial Stress in Australia’, (Associate Supervisors: Dr. Christopher S. Wright, Dr. Brian West).

Lynda Andeobu, (2017), ‘The Role of Risk Management for Sustainable Development of Extractive Industries in Australia: An Empirical Investigation of BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto, and Cevron Australia Gorgon LNG.’ (Co- Supervisor: Dr Chris Wright),

Pratheepkanth Puwenatheran, (2016), ‘Capital Budgeting Practices and Firm Performance: A Comparative Study of Australia and Sri Lanka’ (Associate-supervisor Dr Gavin Hurst). Timely completion in three years and six months with ABDC ranked journal publications.

Casey Iddon (2015), ‘How the market values listed junior resource companies: A fundamental analysis approach’, (Associate-supervisor Dr. Brian West). Timely completion in three years and 3 three months with ABDC ranked journal publications.

PhD co-supervisor

Ming (Christabel) Zhang, (2016), ‘Cultural influence on China's household saving and its implications’ (Principal Supervisor Associate Professor Jerry Carvisanous).

DBA as the Principal Supervisor

Robert Errey. ‘The Opportunity for Abnormal Returns from A-REIT Property Transaction Announcements’, Confirmation is successfully done in 2015, completion is expected in 2018.

Awards and grants

  • 2014/15 - $25,000 (sole researcher) for a pilot project ‘Economic  Powerhouse Industries and Development’  Funded through the Commonwealth Department of Environment’s Suburban Jobs Program to the Federation University.
  • 2012 -13 Received $80,000 (Chief Investigator Professor Gell,P. ), for the Carbon Modelling for the Bio-Diversity project - Narmbool Heritage Property. Donor: The Sovereign Hill Museums Association, Ballarat.
  • 2009/11 Received $17,500 for competitive research intensive grant and $5,000 and $15,000 were granted for research clusters.