You, Greg (Dr) - Teaching

Curriculum innovation and developments

  • 2019: Leader for the Minerals Council of Australia Learning pathways for the modern mining sector proposal which consists of Curriculum Pilot, National Experiential Program and Mining 101 Program.
  • 2018-2019: Restructure mining postgraduate courses, reducing the courses from 19 to 11.
  • 2017: Comprehensive mining programs development and success of the full accreditations for Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) and Master of Engineering Technology by Engineers Australia.
  • 2015: Leader for the online development of all mining courses in EX5 Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Mining), e.g. introduction of BOLD pedagogy for all mining courses.
  • 2013: Comprehensive mining programs development and success of the full accreditations for Bachelor of Engineering Technology and Master of Engineering Technology, and provisional accreditation for Bachelor of Engineering by Engineers Australia.
  • 2012: Comprehensive nationwide benchmarking, academic and industry consultations in order to introduce the Bachelor of Engineering (mining) program.

Develop new courses, teaching materials and approaches

  • 2019: Moodle update for ENGIN5515 Tunneling & Mine Development per the BOLD checklist, including introduction of Study Guide for each module, audios, classification of learning materials into required and recommended, online forum and feedback.
  • 2018: Developed tutorials for Topics 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 for ENMIN4090/ENGIN5505 Mine Planning and Scheduling; and added course materials to Topics 1, 10 and 11.
  • 2017: In ENCOR4010 Research Methodology (2017/20), I invited Librarian Clare Duffy and CLIPP Learning Skills Advisor Lovisa Lindstrand as guest lecturers, and upgraded the Moodle shell. The upgraded mode of delivery has been adopted by the successor course coordinators.
  • 2015: Developed the new course ENMIN3060 Underground Mine Infrastructure & Development, and initiated an interactive progressive mine development tutorial project for this course.
  • 2014: Embedded the RocScience program into the course Rock Mechanics Applications.
  • 2013: Established the state of the art Vulcan3D computer program facility at FedUni (25 free licenses sponsored by Maptek), placing the mining program at the international technological forefront in computer modelling. Introduced it into Computer Modelling, Planning & Design in Mining in 2013, into Surface Mining Operation and Equipment in 2014, and into Underground Production Systems in 2016.
  • 2010: Developed a number of design projects for Design Project 1&2 (mining). This has transformed the practice in design project since 2010.
  • 2010: Re-developed the course materials (class-notes, presentation and tutorials) for Surface Mining Operation and Equipment.
  • 2007: Developed weekly tutorial materials for Rock Mechanics Applications.
  • 2006: Developed weekly digital PowerPoint presentations for Solid Mechanics. This has transformed previous whiteboard-based presentations.

Organise field excursions

2019 ENGIN3501 Underground Production Systems; ENGIN3502 Subsurface Environmental Engineering Ballarat Gold Mine Greg You, Igor Grigoryev
2018 ENGIN2501 Mine Power and Service Technology; ENMIN3060 Underground Mine Infrastructure Development Imerys Minerals Australia Pty Ltd Greg You
2017 ETMIN2260 Mine Power and Service Technology Maddingley Brown Coal Open Pit Mine Greg You
2015 ENMIN3040 Rock Mechanics Applications ENMIN3260 Mine Power and Service Engineering ETMIN2260 Mine Power and Service Technology Maddingley Brown Coal Open Pit Mine Greg You; Manoj Khandelwal
2011 ENMIN3040 Rock Mechanics Applications; ENMIN3030 Surface Mining Operation & Equipment Maddingley Brown Coal Open Pit Mine Greg You


Mining students, Geology students Stawell Gold Mines Pty Ltd AusIMM Central Victoria Chapter


ENMIN5120 Tunneling & Mine Development Mandalay Resources Greg You

Courses taught previously

Undergraduate courses

  • Engineering Computer Modelling
  • Materials in Engineering
  • Solid Mechanics
  • Surface Mining Operation & Equipment
  • Rock Mechanics Applications
  • Mining Technology
  • Design Project 1&2 (mining)
  • Computer Modelling, Planning & Design in Mining
  • Research Methodology

Postgraduate courses

  • Research Methodology
  • Advanced Rock Mechanics

Professional Services

Dates Description of Role
2018-date Member of School Board, School of Engineering, Information Technology and Physical Sciences
2018-date Editorial Board Member of Insights in Mining Science & Technology,

Program coordinator of mining engineering – all programs, e.g. Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Graduate Diploma of Mining, Master of Mining Engineering, Master of Engineering Technology (Mining)

2015-date Minerals Council of Australia, liaison person
2015-date AusIMM, liaison person
2013-date AusMine, liaison person
2011-date Member of School Industry Advisory Group Committee
2006-date Assisting International Marketing and International Admissions to promote engineering programs
2006-date Review role for international journals and conferences, such as Environmental Earth Sciences, Canadian Geotechnical J., Soil Dynamics and Earthquake Engineering, etc.
2006-date PhD thesis examinations
2016-2018 Co-leader of Resources Engineering & Technology thematic research group
2012-2015 Program coordinator of mining engineering –Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Master of Engineering Technology (mining)
2009-2012 Program coordinator of mining engineering – undergraduate
2011-2018 Member of School Teaching and Learning Committee
2009-2018 Member of School Programs Academic Committee
2006-2011 Member of School Research Committee

Public professional profiles