Modelling of vibrations during rock blasting in a mine

Project Title:

Modelling of vibrations during rock blasting in a mine

Supervisory team:

Dr. Manoj Khandelwal and Dr. Apurv Kumar

Contact person:

Dr. Apurv Kumar ( and Dr. Manoj Khandelwal (

Project description:

Blast vibrations at a mine site and especially in a vicinity of dense population poses severe risks in damaging life and property. Forecasting the vibration intensity and reach near a blast site is therefore essential to safeguard against the blasts detrimental effects. Current forecasting techniques are based on empirical correlations which have a large scatter in parameters and are not able to predict the blast vibration in a proficient manner. It is well known fact that blast vibration is influenced by blast design, rock and explosive parameters. The present project proposed to numerically model the vibrations during a blast and estimate the intensity and effect of the vibrations in the vicinity of the site. A 3-dimensional dynamic vibration model will be developed to predict wave propagation in the ground and air. The scope of the project would include mechanistic modelling of the complex interactions of the topography of the blast site, rock material and blast intensity and its effect on the vibrations. Simple lab experiments will be carried out to validate the numerical model. The outcome of the project will be useful to minimise blast nuisances as well as enhancement of explosive energy utilisation.