Data Driven Energy Management in the Building-Microgrid

Project Title:

Data Driven Energy Management in the Building-Microgrid


Prof. Syed Islam and Dr. Rakibuzzaman Shah

Contact Person:

Dr. Rakibuzzaman Shah (

Project Outline:

Local generation in the form of solar photovoltaic systems is now standard in the Australian suburban areas. Moreover, new power electronics-based loads and storages are also appearing in the system. These devices are fundamental building blocks for the future smart grid. The PV system can potentially be installed to supply electricity to common property, individual apartments. However, there are potential complexities to operate and manage multiple PVs and energy storage within the building-microgrid (solely on a single site, traditionally commercial precinct and apartments). A recent techno-economic feasibility study on apartment buildings show the opportunity to apply central battery storage and shared PV through an embedded network in a building-microgrid. However, a further study on the control and operation of such building-microgrid is south. This project will explore the challenges associated with energy management in building-microgrid with multiple generations and storages and develop a data-driven novel and low-cost solution for the energy management of such a micro-grid system.

Available resources:

State of the art power and energy system analytical software (i.e. ETAP, GridLAB-D, SAM).

Collaboration Opportunities: 

Local councils, Victorian energy retailers, Centre for New Energy Technologies.