Water quality monitoring through the Internet of Things

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Water quality monitoring through the Internet of Things


Water keeps us, animals and plants alive, and plays a vital role to spread contaminants and diseases. For this reason, any water utility company is obliged to monitor water quality on an on-going basis. Currently, this process is either done manually or automatically. This process is not only costly but also vendor locked-in. The purpose of the project is to develop a smart and cost-effective Internet of Thing (IoT) based sensor network that will monitor the quality of storm and drain water flowing to dams, lakes, and ponds. The monitoring system will also alert authority through SMS or email when there is an issue with water quality.

If designed correctly, the proposed IoT-based sensor network could act as an innovative, cost-effective and autonomous system for detecting the presence of various contaminants mainly because of releasing industrial chemicals and other components associated with environmental disastrous and change, and human operations. The proposed system will promote a safe and sustainable environment for all living beings and address many issues like reducing the scarcity of water by smart water usage and management, and the likelihood of having water-borne deceases and the deceases associated with the poor quality of water.

Supervisory team

Principal Supervisor: Dr Gour Karmakar


Dr Suryani Lim

Dr Tanveer Choudhury

A/Prof Andrew Barton

Prof Joarder Kamruzzaman