Meeting QoS Requirements in IoT Applications

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Meeting QoS Requirements in IoT Applications


Sensor networks constitute the basic building blocks of IoT applications. Data collected by sensors can be processed in the edge/fog network or at the cloud level depending on an application’s service need (e.g., priority service), cost model and capacity of data communication in various parts of the network. One of the biggest challenges that IoT applications face today is to ensure quality of a particular application, for example, meeting the latency requirement in a critical medical application like remote surgery. This research will optimise data processing locations in a distributed way to ensure QoS requirement of data delivery, taking into account the required set of constraints in a specific context, such as user’s need, data transmission policy, current network congestion level and resource availability. The developed technique will tested using real world sensors used in different applications deployed through the IoT lab of Federation University Australia.

Supervisory Team

Principal Supervisor: Prof Joarder Kamruzzaman


Dr Muhammad Usman

Dr Sally Firmin

Dr Gour Karmakar