Evaluating trustworthiness of an Internet of Things agent


Evaluating trustworthiness of an Internet of Things agent


The trust for automation using the Internet of Things (IoT) across the world requires assessing the trustworthiness of an interactive IoT agent on the fly using the footprint left as big data in both physical and virtual spaces.  Existing approaches lack in adopting an effective principle for measuring trust. These approaches exploit social interactions, relationships, and other available information.

In this project, using big data, an innovative approach for the trustworthiness measure of an IoT agent based on the ethical model(s) and other well-accepted and intuitive ways used in measuring the trust for the real-world applications will be formulated.  The outcome of this project will increase the speed of automation and promote reliable and cost-effective solutions for many industrial and government sectors related to security, data forensic, transportation, water, financial and health.

Supervisory Team

Principal Supervisor: Dr Gour Karmakar


Prof Joarder Kamruzzaman

Prof Iqbal Gondal

Dr Suryani Lim