Determine the phreatic surface using soil water content on slope measured by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based imaging sensor

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Determine the phreatic surface using soil water content on slope measured by Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) based imaging sensor


Slope stability analysis is sensitive to input-data, and slope design and evaluation conventionally employs one set of data. However, the phreatic surface of groundwater seasonally fluctuates and rises substantially in environments of shallow unconfined aquifer in pronounced wet raining seasons, and ground settlement changes when groundwater varies. So it is critical to timely update groundwater data in slope stability evaluation. To address this, this project uses unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) based imaging techniques to survey the slope to acquire latest water content, analyse the variation of the soil water content on slope so as to determine the phreatic surface, and then updates the groundwater input data for slope stability evaluation.

Supervisory team

Principal Supervisor: Dr Greg You


A/Prof Shyh Wei Teng

Dr Manoj Khandelwal

Prof Thomas Baumgartl

Prof Guojun Lu