Making a system smart through internet of things

Project Title:

Making a system smart through Internet of Things


Dr Gour Karmakar (main)

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Person: Dr Gour Karmakar


A brief description of the project:

Internet of Things is rapidly increasing the speed of automation and adding greater value by introducing innovative services and management systems in business organisations. However, there are needs to investigate the introduction of appropriate automatic event detection systems and data analytic techniques that can detect events and capture the value of the data generated by them specific to industrial applications and management systems.

Firstly, the aim of this project is to explore the industrial sectors on innovative services and management systems, discover the events that can make the systems smart and provide cost-effective and value-adding innovative services. Next, it will develop relevant event detection methods and event-centric data analytic techniques. Finally, the complete system will be assessed considering several industrial applications related to transportation, surveillance, financial, water, health and law enforcement. The direct outcome of this project will promote automation and cost-effective and innovative solutions for many cutting-edge problems existing in the government and industrial sectors.