Emerging technologies in spatiotemporal sequence analysis

Project Title:

Emerging technologies in spatiotemporal sequence analysis


Dr Giles Oatley, Dr Adrian Shatte, A/Prof Sam Robertson (Victoria University)

Contact person and email address:

Dr Giles Oatley, g.oatley@federation.edu.au

A brief description of the project:

We are interested in exploring and contributing to emerging technologies in spatiotemporal sequence analysis, specifically drawing from fuzzy spatiotemporal association rules, behavioural sequence analysis and semantic trajectories. There are many domains that require an analysis of sequences, for instance: sports data where sequences of interactions lead to scoring/not scoring; crime data, where offender behaviour is examined before/during/after a crime; and social interactions. To calculate sequences of behaviours, we need to calculate transitions between behaviours. Put simply: how many times does B follow A; how many times does C follow B and so on. The technologies being implemented will draw from semantic trajectories and Urban computing.

The project has available to it many large datasets of spatiotemporal data, in particular AFL sports data  - video, GPS, inertial, including those from CATAPULT video analytics (https://www.catapultsports.com/).