Digital Business Transformation through a Post-modern ERP Strategy

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Digital Business Transformation through a Post-modern ERP Strategy


Dr Taiwo Oseni, Dr Mehmood Chadhar & Dr Xiaohui Zhao

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Dr Taiwo Oseni –

Description of the project:

In an era where digital business transformation is a priority for organisations, the future of IT application suites is rapidly changing whilst delivering business value is still as important as ever. Enterprise resource planning systems remains a top of mind as an enabler of digital business transformation. Traditional approaches to ERP however result in inadequate foundations for digital business. In the past, ERP was all about operating efficiency, standardisation and centralisation. In present times however, unless ERP strategies change to embrace and enable digital business, they will be relegated to a back-office, low-relevance activity. With its federated, more-flexible approach, the postmodern ERP environment will be configured, customised and sourced from a mix of cloud and on-premises offerings to enable agility while providing the broad stable foundation needed to support digital efforts. The postmodern ERP strategy will form the cornerstone upon which all initiatives rest. Tentative research questions include:

How might an organisation move from customised capabilities in traditional ERP to a post-modern ERP environment?What organisational capabilities are necessary to support the differentiating and innovative processes that digital business demands?