Blockchain Technology (BCT) integration with digital enterprise systems in energy sector

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Blockchain Technology (BCT) integration with digital enterprise systems in energy sector


Dr Mehmood Chadhar, Dr Taiwo Oseni , Dr Sasha Ivkovic and Ass Professor Madhu Chetty

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Dr Mehmood Chadhar –

Description of the project:

BCT is a new type of distributed, peer to peer and transactional database technologies. Many researched claimed that it has the potential to alter fundamentals processes of information-based markets and organisation. Organisations in general and in energy sector in particular, need to think on all the distinct aspects of integration- technical, transactional and organisational. Along with this all the basic IT challenges applies over here as well. The key to any successful integration is to minimise the complexity. One major challenge is the data integration challenge as generally organisations have a centralised database using the digital enterprise systems but Blockchain is private. But transactional processing and analysis are better handled by centralised database. This makes the companies to take BCT and traditional databases altogether. Now, the challenge is how to integrate these two stores of data. The aim of this project to develop understanding about the integration process of blockchain with digital and centralised enterprise systems  for energy companies in  terms of technical, transactional and organisational. The project will propose and test a theoretical model that will offering novel insights with clear implications for research and practice on blockchain’s integration with enterprise systems and this integration potential to transform the lives of individuals and the relationships among individuals and organisations.