Multiparty access control in edge computing

Project Title:

Multiparty access control in edge computing


Dr. Fatemeh Javidan, Dr Amin Heidarpour (Monash University), Prof. Riadh Al-Mahaidi (Swinburne University)


Alireza Jolfaei, Iqbal Gondal, Venki Balasubramanian

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Alireza Jolfaei

A brief description of the project:

In  a large-scale network such as a building or a city-block,  the  utility of  the  network is  normally monitored  and controlled  by  an edge  controller  that receives a  massive  stream of  data  from heterogeneous, resource-constrained IoT devices. Given such a multi-party environment, it is crucial to support a flexible and powerful access control regime across the data and information generated by each party. A suitable access control becomes essential whenever the service provider needs to work with data coming from multiple edge controllers. In practice, rich and monetisable services would invariably require such collaborations; yet each party needs to ensure that it does not give away data and information any more than necessary for the service. For example, the local police in a city neighbourhood may be interested in purchasing a service that provides audio/video streams of accidents, whereas the city traffic department is only interested in data concerning traffic congestion and intersection safety. In this example, the local police and city traffic department are two end-customers of the edge services and willing to pay for them. Each of these services may be contracted through a service aggregator party that then coordinates with the edge controllers to provide the service. The  purpose  of this  project  is  to devise  mechanisms  to define  fine-grain  access control  over data  streams that  the  parties can  exploit  to provide  access control and a way of monetising the accesses by other parties.