Exam information

Examination procedures are frequently reviewed and changed. The Examinations office advises that students keep up to date with information by visiting Exams and Results.

As a student, you are obligated to be aware of and to uphold all of the rules, rights and responsibilities associated with your exams.

Exam issues

The Student Advisory Service can support and advise students charged with an exam breach. Contact us for assistance.

If you are very unwell on the day of your exam, or there are exceptional circumstances beyond your control that impact your ability to sit for your exam you should not attend your exam and apply for Special Consideration. The Higher Education Examinations Procedure states that " Students who are unwell on the day of their examination should not enter the examination room and attempt the examination; they are encouraged to apply for a deferred examination". Be aware strict timelines apply - you must submit your application no later than 3 University working days after your exam.

After exams

Results - the only results that count are those published in my Student Centre. For the 2019 academic year results will be released on Monday  July 15 for Semester 1 (1905) and Monday December 9 for Semester 2 (1920).

If you are a Partner student, please contact you Partner Provider for important dates.

Online students - we are here for you, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Grade Appeals - we can assist you if you believe you have grounds for final grade appeal.

Important Letters - keep an eye on your student inbox for important letters from the University.

Important Information

Federation University Policy: Higher Education Examinations Procedure