Plagiarism and misconduct


The University takes cases of plagiarism very seriously.

You will receive a letter from your School, explaining that they think you may have plagiarised and containing any evidence they can provide. You can appeal the charge and attend a hearing.

We always recommend that students attend a hearing, so that you have the chance to explain what happened from your perspective and discuss the situation with your School.

Possible outcomes of a first incident of plagiarism include:

  • Plagiarism upheld, zero mark for the assessment
  • Plagiarism upheld, with a lesser penalty such as grade penalty/losing marks and/or re-submission opportunity
  • Plagiarism cleared, grades re-instated

If you receive another plagiarism notification the outcomes can be more severe:

  • Second incident - Plagiarism upheld, zero mark for the course
  • Third incident - Plagiarism upheld, exclusion from the University

The outcome may depend on the individual circumstances of your case, so it’s always a good idea to get support from Student Advocacy to prepare for a hearing.

Academic and General Misconduct

There are a range of reasons why you may receive a letter about misconduct. Your School will send you a letter outlining what has happened and any evidence they can provide. It’s really important to read through this letter carefully and understand what has been included.

This letter will invite you to a hearing. You can bring a support person to a hearing and this could be a friend or a member of Student Advocacy (but it can’t be a person with legal training).

We can help you prepare for this hearing and ensure you have a clear timeline of events. You will be given a chance to talk about what has happened from your perspective.

How we can assist you with Plagiarism or Misconduct processes

  • Explain the letters you’ve received
  • Help you write a response to your School
  • Help you prepare for your hearing
  • Attend a hearing with you as a support person
  • Advise on any further processes after the hearing


Student Plagiarism Procedure

Regulation 6.1.1 - Plagiarism (pdf, 11kb)

Regulation 6.1 – Student Discipline (pdf, 36kb)