Assessment and results

SI (studies impacted) Grades in Semester 1 2020

An SI (Studies Impacted) grade will be issued in place of a fail grade for Semester 1 2020 courses (including term codes 2003, 2005, 2007), when you have not received an overall passing grade, except in circumstances where a second charge of plagiarism or academic misconduct has resulted in a fail grade being awarded. The SI grade will not be used towards the calculation of your GPA. A fee credit will be applied to your account when you repeat a course which received an SI grade. To be eligible, you must re-enrol and undertake the SI course within twelve months of the official results publication date for the semester that you received the SI grade for. See the Studies Impacted (SI) Grade page for more information.

ZN grades - What do they mean?

A ZN grade means that you have been granted a deferred or supplementary assessment. This may be because you applied for special consideration for a deferred exam, or that your school is going to offer you the opportunity to complete a supplementary assessment. We advise that you check your email for information about the supplementary assessment or contact your Course Coordinator to discuss your situation and any arrangements for the Supplementary Assessment.

Assignment marks

If you don’t understand the marks or written feedback that you received for an assignment, the first thing you can do is to contact your lecturer or tutor and request a time to meet to discuss your feedback. It is recommended that you email. Make sure you provide your name, student number, and which course (subject) and assignment you are enquiring about. Often being able to discuss and ask questions about your feedback is helpful and will put you in a good position to prepare your next assignment for the course.

Requesting a second marking

In some cases, after receiving more feedback, you might still disagree with the marks that you have received. If the grade that you have received differs substantially from your usual grades, then you may request a second marking by writing to your course coordinator. The relevant University Procedure is the Higher Education Assessment Procedure Section 9. B Requesting a second marking.

Appealing a grade

If there is a mark that you still disagree with at the end of the semester, a Final Grade Appeal may be an appropriate option to make your case for having your assessment re-marked. Please note there are strict time limits to submit this application. If it is earlier in the semester and you do not want to wait for a Final Grade Appeal, please get in touch with us and we are happy to discuss your options with you.


Higher Education Assessment Procedure