How to access your results

Results can be accessed via my Student Centre.

Higher education students can view their grade descriptors on our assessment categories webpage

TAFE students can view their grading categories, results codes and descriptions

Academic transcripts

An academic transcript is a complete record of all of your study at the University. Graduates will receive a free copy of their transcript when they graduate.

If you need to apply for an academic transcript at any other time, or would like extra copies of your transcript, refer to the Academic transcript web page.

Enrolment and Progression Advice Appointments

After receiving your results it's important to take the time to review your enrolment. Perhaps you've found a new passion and want to change your major, or need to adjust your enrolment after failing a unit.

Our team is available to provide specialist advice about the planning and progression of your unit and can help you pick which units to enrol in. Book an appointment here for advice on:

  • Credit and unit selection
  • Checking you're on track to graduate
  • Changing your major, minor or specialisation
  • Enrolment after failing a unit
  • Changes to your unit structure or unit in teach-out
  • Reduced or increased workload including changes to part-time or full-time study
  • Unit Transfer advice and credit
  • Major and minor options and selection of units within these
  • Cross Institution Enrolment advice