Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP)

A Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) is a higher education place available to domestic students which is subsidised by the Australian Government.

To be eligible for a CSP you must be:
  • an Australian citizen AND will undertake, in Australia, at least one course (unit) of study contributing to your program (course) of study, or
  • an Australian permanent visa holder AND will be resident in Australia for the duration of your course (unit) of study, or
  • a New Zealand citizen AND will be resident in Australia for the duration of your course (unit) of study.

Student Contribution Amount (SCA)

Students enrolled in a CSP are required to contribute towards the cost of their education and the Australian Government pays the balance of the cost. The amount paid by the student is known as the Student Contribution Amount or SCA.

The contribution amount that you pay will depend on which courses you choose to study, the contribution band in which those courses are classified and the equivalent full-time student load value of each course of study. The Australian Government sets a maximum amount that can be charged for each year of full-time study in each student contribution band.

HECS‑HELP is a loan scheme that assists eligible CSP students pay all or part of their student contribution amount. For further information please visit your HECS-HELP page.

Student Contribution Bands

Below is the average annual cost for an Equivalent Full-Time Student Load (1 EFTSL). If your study load in a calendar is more or less than 1 EFTSL your student contribution will differ. At Federation University Australia 1 EFTSL is 120 credit points (i.e. 8 courses x 15 credit points).

2017 Student Contribution Amounts

Contribution bandCourse discipline (area of study) SCA
15 credit point
Band 3Accounting, administration, commerce, dentistry, economics, law, medicine, veterinary science$10,596$1,324
Band 2Agriculture, allied health, built environment, computing, engineering, mathematics, other health, science, statistics, surveying$9,050$1,131
Band 1 Behavioural science, clinical psychology, education*, foreign languages, humanities, nursing*, social studies, visual and performing arts $6,349$793

* Students who commenced their program before 1 January 2010 will be charged for education and nursing courses at the student contribution amount of $5,081 per EFTSL in 2017.

Calculating your student contribution

It can be difficult to calculate your exact SCA for a full year of study as the amount that you are charged is determined by the discipline of your individual course enrolment, not the overall program.

If you wish to calculate an indicative annual SCA for your program, you can make the assumption that all courses in your program will be from the same student contribution band (refer to the table above).

For example, if you are undertaking a Bachelor of Science you can estimate that your annual SCA will be $9,050 in 2017. This is an indicative amount only and your actual SCA for the year may be more or less depending on your course enrolment, however this amount can be used as a guide.