Online and Distance Learning exams

Students enrolled in courses as Online and Distance Learning (ODL) may be able to select their preferred exam location from our network of venues across the world.

The ability to confirm or change your nominated your exam venue depends on your enrolment for each semester.

  Entirely ODL Mix of ODL
& On-Campus
Do I get to choose? Will be recommended to your nearest exam centre or main campus within 150km of your address as listed in MySC. Will be allocated to sit all exams at the relevant on-campus location. Must sit exams at the campus you are enrolled to. 'FLX' enrolments are not considered 'Online & Distance Learning' for exam purposes. Students studying at partners are not considered "Online or Distance".
Students with a combination of Partner and ODL enrolments, may be required to sit their ODL exams at separate locations.
When to confirm or change? Confirm or change your preferred exam venue between week 6-8 of semester. NA NA NA NA

The opportunity for ODL students to confirm or change their recommended exam centre is between weeks 6-8 of each semester.

Correspondence is sent to student email accounts (and preferred email addresses if applicable) specifying:

  1. A centre we have 'recommended' based on your address in MySc
  2. Instructions for confirming or changing that centre

We can arrange for exams to be sat internationally where required, but you must be able to confirm your intended location by the end of week 8. Students sitting at international locations may be required to travel further than 150km to their venue.

Students will receive confirmation of personal venue arrangements via email, including the exam venue location addresses upon publication of the final exam timetable.

Exam Centre Network

We may have additional centres that are not currently listed. To enquire on a specific location, contact

To view full list of current exam centres please direct yourself to the Current Exams page.

If you need to sit an exam internationally and it's not the list please select 'INTERNATIONAL (Not Listed)' from the list of centres, exams staff will be in touch to confirm further details.

If we do not yet have an off-campus venue within 150km of where you are:

  • We will make efforts to find one, and;
  • Some students may be given the opportunity to nominate their own non-standard exam centre or invigilator.

Non-standard exam centre nominations will be assessed by the Examinations Office, and only approved under exceptional circumstances. Federation University is not obligated to use student-nominated examination supervisors.

We reserve the right to allocate students to examination locations, and withdraw examination locations at our discretion.

Contact if you require further assistance.