For Semester 1, 2023 our largest general exam venue will be seating up to 80 students & we will be continuing with Live Invigilation "webcam bypass" sessions in PC Labs for Respondus eExams.

There will still be a few private and 12 seater venues accommodating students with disability support adjustments. If you are to be rostered to one of these sessions that requires scribing or question reading, we will double check with you that you are comfortable with these roles.

Please note that online casual contracts and online timesheets must be renewed/completed once again for this semester, it is not possible to do these things offline.

You are welcome to look over the Exam Supervisor materials below if you are interested in doing Exam Supervision in 2023.

1. GeneralFedUni Exam Supervisor Statement of Duties
January 2020 (pdf, 134kb)
2. Main Venues

Exam Supervision - Main Venues
June 2022 (pdf, 4.17MB)

3. Alternate Venues

Exam Supervision - Alternate Venues
June 2022 (pdf, 4.17MB)

4. Respondus eExam VenuesSupervising Respondus eExams
(On-campus Venues)

2 Nov 2022 (pdf, 292KB)



Inductions are paid the minimum shift of 3hrs at the main HEW level you are rostered for this semester.

If offered a position supervising FedUni exams for the first time, induction must be completed prior to attending rostered shifts and you may claim 3hrs between Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00pm for this time, after completion.

To complete induction for 2023, you will need to review each slide-show above and complete the associated quiz emailed to you, to verify your understanding.

Supervisors that are already inducted are welcome to use the materials above to refresh their knowledge.


Rosters are sent out approximately 1-2 weeks prior to the exam period.
Updated rosters are subsequently sent out with any additional shifts allocated (or cancelled).


Supervisors are required for both morning and afternoon examinations, in our large Main Venues, our smaller Alternate Venues and some of our off-campus venues.

Depending upon the duration of the examinations in a given venue; supervisors need to be available for up to 5 hours per session.

The size of the venue, number of students and role you are rostered to impacts on starting times for shifts. These details are included on rosters approximately 1-2 weeks from exam time.

Exam supervisors and assistants employed by Exams Office have varying hourly rates as  General Professional Staff, depending on duties (HEW 1.1 to Hew 3.1)

A 3hr minimum shift applies any time you present for work with FedUni, but generally only one minimum shift may be claimed per day.

Indicating availability does not guarantee that shifts will be available. No guarantees can be given in relation to the number of sessions that supervisors are allocated per semester. Exam sessions/shifts are also subject to cancellation up to and on the day of an examination.

Should you have any queries, please contact the Examinations Office at exams@federation.edu.au or on (03) 5327 6800