Exam Supervisor Induction

For 2022, we will only be using on-campus classrooms with a max capacity of 60 seats, due to the low numbers of face-to-face exams after covid lockdowns.

Most students are still doing non-invigilated Moodle tests, and some will be trialing new eExams using a program called 'Respondus'.

We will be running new on-campus venues for students who have requested to do their eExams using university facilities.

To complete induction for Semester 1, 2022, review each slide-show and complete the associated quiz emailed to you, to verify your understanding.

Induction must be completed prior to attending rostered shifts and you may claim 3hrs between Monday-Friday 9:00-5:00pm for this time, after completion.

1. Main Venues 

Exam Supervision - Main Venues
June 2022 (pdf, 4.17MB)
2. Alternate Venues 

Exam Supervision - Alternate Venues
June 2022 (pdf, 4.17MB)
3. Respondus eExam Venues 

Respondus eExams (Library PC Labs)
June 2022 (pdf, 521KB)

Respondus eExams (Non-Library PC Labs)
June 2022 (pdf, 520KB)