My details are not correct in my electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF)

To successfully submit your eCAF, the information you provide in your eCAF must match the details you give to Federation University. If the details held by Federation University are incorrect, they must be corrected in order to submit your eCAF.

Update your addresses, phone numbers, email addresses in myStudentCentre

  1. Login to myStudentCentre using your Student ID and password.
  2. From the homepage click the 'Personal Information' tile and select 'Contact Details' from the menu.
  3. Change your 'Home' email using the instructions here.

Update your 'Primary' and 'Degree' name

  1. Complete our Amend your personal details form (note that this form must be submitted via the Enquiry and Application Portal below, not via email)
  2. Login to the Enquiry and Application Portal using your Student ID
  3. From the homepage select 'Ask a question (i.e. enquire)', then  'Ask a question related to my studies (past or current students)'
  4. Select Category 'General - information', Sub-category 'Other'
  5. Detail your request to change your name
  6. Click 'Submit your question'.
  7. On the next page, submit supporting documentation including a driver's license, passport or certificate.

Once your details are correct, request a new eCAF email/s and passkey/s via our Enquiry and Application Portal.

  1. Go to the Enquiry and Application Portal and Submit a Question.
  2. Select Category 'Fees & Charges', Sub-category 'Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF)'
  3. Detail your request for new eCAF email/s to be generated
  4. Click 'Submit your question'.