I never received an eCAF email

When you accept your offer an eCAF email and unique passkey will be automatically generated for each type of assistance you are eligible for by the eCAF system. If you have not received an email or cannot find it in your inbox:

  1. Search your inbox for Sender ecafsystem@education.gov.au
  2. Check your Junk/Spam folder, particularly for the date that you accepted your offer
  3. Check that your personal email address is correct in myStudentCentre.
    • Your eCAF email/s will be sent to the personal email address you included in your application. This will be listed as the 'Home' email address in myStudentCentre.
    • You can check or change your 'Home' email address by logging in to myStudentCentre using your Student ID and password. From the homepage click the 'Personal Information' tile and select 'Contact Details' from the menu.
    • If your email is incorrect, use our instructions here to update it and then request that your eCAF email/s be resent via the process below.
  4. Request a new eCAF email/s via our Enquiry and Application Portal.
    • If you changed your email, or still can't find your eCAF email/s, you must request that these be regenerated.
    • Go to the Enquiry and Application Portal and Submit a Question.
    • Select Category 'Fees & Charges', Sub-category 'Commonwealth Assistance Form (eCAF)' > add your request > and Click 'Submit your question'.
    • Our team will trigger the eCAF system to regenerate your email/s, including a new unique passkey.
    • Add ecafsystem@education.gov.au as a Safe/Recognised Sender once your request is submitted so that you receive the regenerated email/s. We'll also let you know and close your enquiry when your request is processed.