Student surveys


What is eVALUate?

eVALUate is an online survey used for collecting Student Evaluations of Learning and Teaching (SELT), and is also called the Learner Questionnaire (LQ) for TAFE.

Important information

  • Students should check their FedUni student email account regularly.
  • Teachers no longer need to request evaluations.
  • Data is extracted from Campus Solutions (CS) in week five. Faculties should ensure all information relating to the current semester is entered into CS well before this date.
  • Evaluations will only be available during the scheduled times.
  • For password inquiries please contact the Service Desk.

Who should participate?

  • All higher education on-campus students studying at Ballarat, Wimmera, Berwick, Gippsland, and Brisbane campuses
  • Online and flexible delivery students
  • PGRS are not required to participate in eVALUate
  • All higher education online learning students
  • All students studying at partner locations
  • TAFE students

When and how

eVALUate will be automatically switched on during week nine of each standard teaching periods for Ballarat, Wimmera, Gippsland, Berwick, Online & Flexible delivery and, TAFE Partner campuses.

For non-standard teaching periods timelines are modified by the FedUni Survey Team. (China, Winter, Spring, Summer, Late Summer & Semester 1 & 2 Partner Providers)

eVALUate remains open for 7 weeks for standard teaching periods and 5 weeks for non-standard.

TAFE eVALUate will automatically be switched on towards the end of Term 2.

Students will be notified via an invitation email sent to their FedUni student email address; this invitation will contain a link that students can use to access the survey.

Students are then able to complete the eVALUate course survey and eVALUate teaching survey.

2020 Schedule

The 2020 Schedule for SELT surveys can be found here (pdf, 36KB)


Please note:

All  feedback submitted through completion of this survey is collected in accordance with the University’s Information Privacy Policy and is regarded as confidential. All data collected is de-identified before being compiled into any report prepared for consideration and decision-making within the University.  Information which has been de-identified cannot be retrieved or modified.

Contact us

  • Mt Helen, SMB, Camp Street, Gippsland and Horsham, Berwick, online and flexible delivery staff please contact the Surveys Coordinator by emailing or phone +61 3 5327 6366.
  • Partner-providers (CUP, China and DSP) please contact your CUP liaison officer: CUP staff contacts