Exam timetables

Publication dates

Exam Period Draft timetable Final timetable
(1827) Summer Semester, 2018/19 - Main exam period
(On-campus & ODL only. CUP manages all Partners in this period & dates may differ)
-22 Jan 2019
(1827) Summer Semester, 2018/19 - Deferred exams
(1827) Summer Semester, 2018/19 - Supplementary exams
5 Mar 2019
11 Mar 2019*
(1905) Semester 1, 2019 - Main exam period6 May 201920 May 2019
(1905) Semester 2, 2019 - Deferred exams
(1905) Semester 2, 2019 - Supplementary exams
9 July 2019
16 July 2019*
(1920) Semester 2, 2019 - Main exam period 23 Sep 201914 Oct 2019
(1920) Semester 2, 2019 - Deferred exams
(1920) Semester 2, 2019 - Supplementary exams
3 Dec 2019
10 Dec 2019*

Draft timetables are subject to change until final timetable publication dates. Once a final timetable is published, no further scheduling adjustments will be made without written notification (via email).

*Pending completion of results publication and generation of supplementary assessment letters.

Accessing your exam timetable

After publication dates you may access your exam timetable in the following ways:

1 Timetables by email Students receive their personal exam details to both their student and preferred email addresses as listed in MySC (at census) on the publication dates.
2 Personal exam timetable Login with student ID and password
1827 Summer Semester Def/Sup FINAL timetable now available
3 Exam timetable by course code Basic timetable information - searchable by course codes
1827 Summer Semester Def/Sup FINAL timetable now available
4 TAFE &/or Traditional Partner timetables

Not Available

Please note:

  • If an exam appears to be missing from your timetable:
    • contact Student HQ on 1800 333 864 to confirm your enrolment, and/or;
    • speak with your Course Coordinator/Lecturer to confirm the assessment requirements for that unit.
  • Off-campus enrolled students may have additional responsibilities to their off-campus centres, read over your personal timetable carefully and clarify any details you are unsure of prior to your exams.
  • Students who have practical exams should refer to course coordinators for individual time slots
  • Any changes made to exam arrangements after final timetable publication will be advised via email.
  • All information received via email will supersede any general information published online.
  • Exam timetables are generally based on current enrolment at the preceding census date.

Directly clashing exams affecting your personal timetable, or difficulties in accessing your exam timetable should be reported to exams@federation.edu.au