View your grades

Your grades are available to view in my Student Centre after they have been published.

If you are unable to view your grades, reasons might include one of the following.

  • You have not been graded yet,
  • your grades have not been published yet or
  • you have a hold on your student record. A hold can be put on a student's account if there are outstanding fees, e.g. late fees for library books.
  • If you don't know what your grades mean view the grade codes and descriptions

How to View Your Grades

Steps: Login to my Student Centre by going to

Enter your User ID number (student ID) and Password, then select the sign in button.

If you are having trouble logging into my Student Centre please contact the Service Desk or call 1800 333 864.

Select the View my Grades tile.

Here you will see your View My Grades page.

Ensure you select the current term by clicking on the change term button.

Click on the home button to return to the home page.