School of Science, Psychology and Sport

Dr Meghan Casey

Phone: (03) 5327 9658
Room: P938
Position: Lecturer in Sport Management
Discipline: Human Movement and Sport Sciences


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Ballarat, 2012
  • Diploma of Project Management, University of Ballarat, 2005
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion) Honours, Deakin University, 2001
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (Health Promotion), Deakin University, 2000

Teaching areas

  • Sport Management (Introduction to Sport Management, Sport Marketing, Applied Sport Marketing, Sport Event Management)
  • Health Promotion

Professional associations

  • Sport and Medicine Australia

Grants and awards

  • 2014. Eime, R., Harvey, J., Charity, M., & Casey, M. Victorians' participation in sport. Sport and Recreation Victoria, Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure. $20,000
  • 2013 Award: Wendy Ey, Women in Sport Award 2013, ASICS Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport, 22-25 October, 2013 Phuket Thailand. Paper titled: Effectiveness of a program for adolescent girls linking physical education with community sport and recreation.
  • 2009-2012. Payne, W. (CI), Smyth, J. (CI), Telford, A.(CI), Casey, M. (PI), Mooney, A (PI), et al. Triple G "Girls Get Going" Program. ARC Linkage Projects – Industry Partner Grants, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation $75,000
  • 2009-2012 Payne, W. (CI), Smyth, J. (CI), Telford, A.(CI), Casey, M. (PI), Mooney, A (PI), et al. Promoting physical activity and wellbeing of rural- and regional-living girls. Helen Macpherson Smith Trust $31,680.
  • 2008. Casey, M & Payne, W. Welcoming and Inclusive Sport and Active Recreation Research Project, Central Highlands Sports Assembly, $38,500
  • 2008. Casey, M, Payne, W., Mooney, A. Evaluation of The Skit Project. Ballarat Community Health $22,748
  • 2006-2008. Payne, W., Harvey, J. Eime, R., Casey, M et al. Health Promotion and Physical Activity Capacity Building Grant, Victorian Health Promotion Foundation $200,000
  • 2001 Award: Heart Foundation Award for excellence in cardiovascular health advancement for the top student undertaking an Honours project with relevance to the prevention of cardiovascular disease 2001

Research interests

Dr Meghan Casey is a Lecturer in Sport Management and Researcher with extensive research experience in the sport and recreation field and demonstrated experience in managing large and complex research projects, including an Australian Research Council Linkage project. Her research has primarily focused on understanding the community, strategic and operational environments in which organisations operate and deliver physical activity and sport opportunities to foster environments that promote and support participation in physical activity and sport.  In particular, her research has explored the determinants of participation in physical activity and sport, which has been largely informed by socioecological theory; explored the capacity of sporting organisations to promote health through sport; examined organisational change within sporting organisations to implement health promotion strategies; and contributed to the development, implementation and evaluation of a school and community-linked physical activity and sport intervention for adolescent girls. As a result of this research, Meghan has published widely in a range of well-regarded international peer reviewed journals and has informed program and policy development on a range of sport management issues (e.g. capacity, organisational changes, program development).

Supervised projects

I provide research supervision to postgraduate and honours students. Topics include:

  • The delivery of a drug education program in a local football club setting: Identifying facilitators and barriers to adoption and implementation. (Honours)
  • Engaging adolescent female students in compulsory physical education: Teachers' perceptions of opportunities and challenges (Honours).
  • Understanding the challenges to delivering health education in secondary schools (Honours).
  • Adolescent boys' responses to the Australian Football Leagues (AFL) 'Respect and Responsibility' Program, an initiative designed to educate males about respectful treatment of women (Honours).
  • Understanding the experiences of elite under 23 soccer players who are engaged in a Talented Identification and Development Program to understand the factors influencing continued participation and elite performance (Honours).


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