School of Health

Dr Michael Barbagallo

Phone: (03) 5122 8604
Room: 2W134
Position: Scholarly teaching fellow
Discipline: Healthcare


  • PhD (Biochemistry) Monash University 2014
  • BSc (Hons) Monash University 2005

Teaching areas

Anatomy and physiology

Grants and awards


  • International AIDS Conference Travel Award, 2008
  • International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention Travel Award, 2007

Research interests

Infectious diseases


Journal articles

Barbagallo MS, Birch KE, Deacon NJ and Mosse JA. (2012)"Potential Control of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Type 1 asp Expression by Alternative Splicing in the Upstream Untranslated Region". DNA and Cell Biology, 31(7), 1303-1313.

Published research reports

Barbagallo MS, Mosse JA and Deacon NJ. (2010) "Regulation of the Negative Sense HIV-1 vpo by an Upstream sORF Region", CSHL 2010 Translational Control Meeting, 13-17 September 2010, Cold Spring Harbour Laboratories, Cold Spring Harbour, New York, United States.

Barbagallo MS, Lucas K, Deacon N.J and Mosse JA.(2009) "Negative sense transcription in HIV-1: alternative splicing in the upstream UTR", Australian Virology Group: 5th Australian Virology group Meeting, 13-17 December 2009, Lorne, Victoria, Australia.

Barbagallo MS, Deacon NJ and Mosse JA. (2008) "Localisation of HIV-1 Vpo to the secretory compartments of the cell", The XVII International AIDS Conference, 3-8 August 2008, Mexico City, Mexico.

Barbagallo MS, Deacon NJ and Mosse JA. (2007) "Negative Sense Transcripts in HIV-1: the role and regulation of vpo/Vpo", The 4thIAS Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention, 22-25 July 2007, Sydney, Australia.

Lucas K, Barbagallo M, Siebentritt C, Howard J, Mosse J, Deacon N and Purcell D. (2007) "The Negative Sense Transcript of HIV-1", The 4th Scientific Meeting of the Australian Virology Group, 9-13 December 2007, Fraser Island, Australia.