School of Health

Dr Blake Peck

Phone: (03) 5327 9097
Room: H107
Discipline: Nursing


BN(Hon), RN, PhD

Teaching areas

Blake has an extensive teaching and academic coordination background with a specific teaching experience in medical and surgical nursing, pathophysiology, pharmacology, and the care of the paediatric across the lifespan.

Research interests

Blake is involved in the theoretical development of new ways to understand human being for the purpose of qualitative research. He is the founder of Hermeneutic Constructivism a theoretical position that is committed to understanding the idiographic nature of human experience at a particularly high level of abstraction. Blake has also written on a variety of topics including the experience of loss and the processes of normalisation for fathers of chronically ill children living in rural areas of Australia.

Examples of supervised projects: Honours Program

(2014) 'The Experience of Women Who Elect Not to Breastfeed in Regional Victoria' (Honours)

(2013) 'The Professional Status of Nurses in Hong Kong: A Nurses Perspective' - Masters (Research)

(2013) 'Depression in Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease' – Masters (Course Work)

(2012) 'Development of Formal and Informal Ward-Level Communication Strategies to Reduce Adverse Incidents' – Masters (Course Work)


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