Van Doorn, George

Position: Senior Lecturer
: Psychology
Gippsland Campus, Room 1E120
(03) 5122 6746


  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours) – Federation University Australia – 2015
  • Graduate Certificate in Higher Education – Monash University – 2010
  • Doctor of Philosophy – Monash University – 2008
  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours) – Monash University – 2004
  • Bachelor of Science – Monash University – 2003



  • Bachelor of Psychological Science (Honours)


George Van Doorn is a Senior Lecturer and Fourth-year Course Coordinator in psychology at Federation University Australia. George is also the Deputy Chair of the Human Research Ethics Committee.

George has expertise in perception (e.g., the influence of colour on taste perception) and hegemonic masculinity (popularised as toxic masculinity). He maintains a strong research program in the areas of perception, personality, and other areas of psychology. He collaborates with several national and international researchers, and has more than 80 research articles. George has given several presentations at national and international conferences, primary and secondary schools, and in the media. His work has been featured in the Distortions of Perception chapter of the eighth edition of the Victorian Certificate of Education Units 1 and 2 Psychology book for Year 11.

George has been an Academic or Review Editor for several peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has supervised 40+ research projects to completion.

Research interests

  • Adverse and positive childhood experiences
  • Personality and individual differences
  • Social psychology
  • Sensory processes, perception, and performance


Current doctoral students

Clara Khuon - " Identifying linguistic markers of depression in digital contexts through the use of Natural Language Processing" – Principal Supervisor

Chloe Waddell – “Understanding the impact of discrimination on ageing well in Australia” – Principal Supervisor

Erin Harcourt – “The risk and protective factors for psychological outcomes of Post Intensive Care Syndrome (PICS) and PICS-F: A longitudinal design” – Principal Supervisor

James Galbraith - "What is the relationship between emotional/psychological abuse and childhood trauma for those people who have grown up in out of house care?" – Principal Supervisor

Kate Wilson – “Transgenerational trauma, personality psychopathology, and negative outcomes” – Principal Supervisor

Melina Stewart-North – “The Nature, Influences and Impacts of ‘Netilantism’ in Australia” – Principal Supervisor

Stephanie Castanon – “Body Positivity: A program evaluation and Instagram content analysis to inform future programs for young women” - External Associate Supervisor

Publications (last 5 years)

Book chapters

Stewart-North, M., Hale, R., & Van Doorn, G. (2023). Victims of hate crime in rural communities (Chapter 11). In R. Hale & A. Harkness (Eds.). Rural victims of crime. Routledge.

Refereed journal articles

Teese, R., Van Doorn, G., & Gill, P.R. (2023). Prospective associations between traditional masculinity and cannabis, hard drug, and alcohol use in Australian emerging adult men. Personality and Individual Differences

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