Phone: (03) 51226007
Email: j.timora@federation.edu.au
Position: Lecturer
Discipline: Psychology


  • PhD
  • BPsyc(Hons)

Teaching areas

  • Introductory psychology
  • Fourth year research supervision

Research interests

Have you ever wondered how the brain creates our perception of the world? My research interests relate to exploring the processes that underlie the brain’s ability to combine information across our different sensory systems (i.e. multisensory integration) and the impact this has on perception. More specifically, my research has involved examining how the relationship between the time dependent features of sound and touch stimuli influence the brain’s response, perceptual sensitivity and the potential relationship between these. More recently my interests have also expanded into the possible influence of multisensory integration on a wider range of behaviours such as taste perception.

Publications (last 5 years)

Refereed articles

Desira, B., Watson, S., Van Doorn, G., Timora, J., & Spence, C. (2020). Happy Hour? A Preliminary Study of the Effect of Induced Joviality and Sadness on Beer Perception. Beverages6(2), 35.

Van Doorn, G., Watson, S., Timora, J., & Spence, C. (2019). The influence of training and expertise on the multisensory perception of beer: A review. Food Quality and Preference, 103778.

Van Doorn, G., Timora, J., Watson, S., Moore, C., & Spence, C. (2019). The visual appearance of beer: A review concerning visually-determined expectations and their consequences for perception. Food Research International, 108661.

Timora, J. R., & Budd, T. W. (2017). Steady-State EEG and Psychophysical Measures of Multisensory Integration to Cross-Modally Synchronous and Asynchronous Acoustic and Vibrotactile Amplitude Modulation Rate. Multisensory Research, 31(5), 391–418.

Timora, J. R., & Budd, T. W. (2013). Dissociation of psychophysical and EEG steady-state response measures of cross-modal temporal correspondence for amplitude modulated acoustic and vibrotactile stimulation. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 89(3), 433-443.

Budd, T. W., & Timora, J. R. (2013). Steady state responses to temporally congruent and incongruent auditory and vibrotactile amplitude modulated stimulation. International Journal of Psychophysiology. doi:10.1016/j.ijpsycho.2013.06.001