Dixie Statham

Phone: (03) 53279623
Email: d.statham@federation.edu.au
Position: Discipline Leader
Discipline: Psychology


Doctor of Psychology (Clinical), The University of Queensland

Master of Clinical Psychology, The University of Queensland

Bachelor of Arts, First Class Honours in Psychology, The University of Queensland.

Teaching Areas

  • Clinical assessment, diagnosis, and treatment of psychiatric disorders
  • Evidence based cognitive therapies
  • Psychometric assessment

Psychology Board of Australia

General Registration, with Clinical Endorsement (PSY0001369094)

Board Approved Supervisor

Professional Associations

Fellow       College of Clinical Psychologists (CCLP)

Member     Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Member     Australian Clinical Psychology Association (ACPA)

Member     American Psychological Association (APA; International Affiliate)

Research Interests

Psychiatric disorders/psychopathology

Substance use disorders


Publications (last 5 years)

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