Miriam Muduwa

Phone: 51227942
Email: mmuduwa@federation.edu.au
Room: 901-124
Position: Lecturer
Discipline: Nursing


  • Registered Nurse
  • Diploma of counselling
  • Certificate in Emergency management of drug and alcohol presentations
  • Master of Nursing (specialisation in Mental Health Nursing)


I have been nursing for 24 years in total as an emergency nurse overseas and in Australia, 8 years of aged care nursing, 5 years in acute adult mental health nursing and 3 years of telephone counselling. I have been a lecturer in nursing for one and a half years. I have a great passion for teaching and enjoy it very much. I have a strong interest in helping students to achieve their best, utilising available resources. I also have an interest in group therapy, as group therapy saves time and caters for a number of patients at one time , with the same problems and aiming to achieve the same goal (eg discharge planning, patients suffering from anxiety, stroke, diabetes). It is my hope that hospitals bring back the role of a nurse in running group therapy in both medical and mental health settings. Some academic institutions are phasing out the group therapy courses, yet when I successfully conducted group therapy for a month for patients suffering from anxiety, I saw the benefits first hand, and it even reduced the utilisation of medications.

Teaching interests and focus

  • Acute care nursing
  • Mental health nursing
  • Student centred teaching

Research Focus

  • Students engagement with academic services to optimise their potential
  • Looking at issues around Promoting and bringing back the running of therapeutic groups by nurses (both medical and mental health setting).
  • Preceptorship of students in the clinical area.