Mary Cruickshank

Position: Adjunct Professor, School of Health
Discipline: Nursing


  • PhD, University of Western Sydney, 2001
  • M.Ed.St. Monash University 1991
  • B.App.Sci LaTrobe University, 1988

Teaching areas

  • Health management
  • Nursing
  • Research Methods

Research interests

  • Nursing
  • Research methods
  • Organisational culture
  • Workforce issues

Supervised projects

Current student projects

  • The role of nurse practitioners
  • Workforce issues surrounding cancer nursing in Australia

Completed masters/honours

  • Hope for a peaceful death and organ donation
  • The lived experience of patients requiring venous access
  • An investigation into the provision of support with Transition to Practice Programs for new graduate nurses’ in rural health settings
  • To remain, Migrate Abroad or Resettle: An Exploratory Study of Pakistani Physicians’ Career Decisions
  • Nursing care of people with dementia in rural New South Wales
  • Being a Psych Nurse: Mental health nurses and others’ perceptions of their professional identity. 2009. Rhonda Wilson. Psychosis among young rural males. Master of Nursing with Honours. UNE. Principal Supervisor.
  • The lived experience of health service managers, their perceptions of the health system and the health management role.
  • Cross-Cultural Parenting: Experiences of Intercultural Parents and Construction of Culturally Diverse Families.
  • An investigation of the management of the International Normalised Ratio (INR) in warfarin therapy during the initial five months of treatment. PhD. UNE, Principal Supervisor.
  • Executive registered nurse and non nurse managers in aged care: A postmodern lens in the management of the Australian low band residential aged care sector.
  • Food in Hospitals: The Patients’ Perspective.
  • The working world of nursing unit managers: The relationship between role, image and organisational power.
  • The Social Lives of Rural Nursing Home Residents. PhD. UNE, Principal Supervisor.
  • General Hospital Nurses’ Experiences of Patient Aggression in Rural Settings.
  • A study of job satisfaction in occupational therapy with particular reference to the role that managers play in influencing job satisfaction.
  • The experience of new graduate nurses in rural practice: A phenomenological study.
  • Heparin Dosing and Therapeutic Activated Partial Thromboplastin Times.
  • Barriers to Caring in Perioperative Nursing.
  • Assessing undergraduate clinical competence: Registered nurses’ experiences
  • An investigation into the barriers experienced by registered nurses when interpersonally caring for patients’ in general surgical nursing.


Journal articles

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