Phone:      (03) 53276593
Room:       P336
Position:   Senior Lecturer
Discipline: Exercise and Sport Science


  • PhD (Human Physiology)
  • MSc (Sports Science)
  • BSc (Sports Science)
  • Graduate Certificate (Tertiary Teaching)
  • Graduate Certificate (Tertiary Education Management)
  • Accredited Exercise Scientist (ESSA)

Teaching Areas

  • Motor Control and Learning
  • Exercise Science
  • Research Supervision

Professional Associations

  • Member: Exercise and Sport Science Australia
  • Member: Australasian Neuroscience Society
  • Member: Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Australian Alumni Association
  • Editorial Board: PLOS ONE
  • Guest Editor: Sports (MDPI)

Research Interests

  • Mild traumatic brain injury, concussion, subconcussion
  • Neuromuscular function
  • Longevity and healthy ageing
  • Eccentric exercise induced muscle damage
  • Eccentric training

Publications (last 5 years)

Refereed Articles

Hiles-Murison B, Lavender AP, Hackett M, Armstrong J, Nesbit M, Rawlings S, McGonigle T, Warnock A, Lam V, Mamo J, Fitzgerald M, Takechi R. Blood-brain barrier disruption and ventricular enlargement are the earliest econstructional changes in rats with repeated sub-concussive impacts over 2 weeks. Scientific Reports 2021. Accepted 19/04/2021

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*Sale MV, *Lavender AP, Opie GM, Nordstrom MA, Semmler JG. Increased intracortical inhibition in elderly adults with anterior-posterior current flow: a TMS study. Clinical Neurophysiology 127: 635-640, 2016. *Authors contributed equally.

Rawlings S, Takechi R, Lavender AP. Effects of sub-concussion on neuropsychological performance and its potential mechanisms: A narrative review. Brain Research Bulletin.16: 56-62, 2020.

Grants (last 5 years)

2021 Neurotrauma Research Program Project Grant $100,000. Title: Prevention of cerebrovascular dysfunction and neuromotor deficits induced by repeated sub-concussion. CIA – A/Prof Ryusuke Takechi (Curtin University)

Julia Georgieva: Curtin University Research Training Program scholarship for PhD project to begin in 2020. $27,000 support per year for 3.5 years. Awarded in 2020.

Occupational Therapy Australia Research Grant Application. CI-A: A/Prof Marina Ciccarelli, Title: Using home based immersive virtual reality as an adjunct to conventional therapy for upper limb rehabilitation in people with cervical spinal cord injury. $40,000. Awarded in 2019.

School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science, Curtin University Mid Career Visiting Fellowship Scheme. With Prof Anne-Marie Hill. Visiting Fellow – Prof Kemal S. Turker, Koç University, Istanbul, Turkey. $5000. Awarded in 2017.

NHMRC Equipment Grant Scheme. Dr Andrew Lavender & Assoc Prof Anne-Marie Hill. Funding for Power Plate Pro5 Whole Body Vibration Platform. $14,457. Awarded in 2017.

Research Higher Degree Completions (last 5 years)

Julia Georgieva, Doctor of Philosophy, Current. Effects of mTBI on response to VR optic flow.

Cameron Little, Doctor of Philosophy, Current. Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rehabilitation Through a Different Lens: Psychological Factors and Brain Plasticity.

Daniel Jolley, Doctor of Philosophy, completed in 2019. Misconceptions and critical thinking ability in undergraduate exercise science students, vocational fitness students and exercise professionals.