Jeong-ah Kim

Phone: (03) 5327 6989
Room: H112
Position: Lecturer / Program Coordinator
Discipline: Nursing


  • Bachelor of Health Science in Nursing
  • MPH
  • PhD

Teaching areas

  • Nursing- Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Legal and Ethics in Nursing, Transition to nursing professional practice
  • OH&S- OHS Law & Management, Occupational Health, Risk Management. Occupational Epidemiology

Professional associations

  • Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia
  • Safety Institute of Australia
  • Work, Health, Environment in Korea
  • Korea Industrial Hygienist Association
  • Korea Registered Nurse Association

Grants and awards


Apr 2015- The impact of simulation interventions on patient safety (Department of Health and Human Services, $200,000)


Mar 2006- National Winner of Eric Wigglesworth OHS Education Medal from Safety Institute of Australia (SIA)

Research interests

  • Cause-effect relationships in occupational health, nursing and primary applied science
  • Ageing issues
  • Patient safety
  • Occupational disease and surveillance
  • Epidemiology
  • Workplace culture and management
  • Quantitative methods

Supervised projects

Current student projects

  • PhD project: Mitigation of hazards
  • Honours Project: Paediatric MET call and Code blue activations in a single rural hospital.

Completed masters/honours

  • Master of Public Health- A Study of health status of casting workers in a traditional trade village in Vietnam


Journal articles

The impact of web-based and face-to-face simulation on patient deterioration and patient safety: protocol for a multi-site multi-method design. Simon J. Cooper, Leigh Kinsman, Catherine Chung, Robyn Cant , Jayne Boyle, Loretta Bull, Amanda Cameron, Cliff Connell, Jeong-Ah Kim, Denise McInnes, Angela McKay, Katrina Nankervis, Erika Penz and Thomas Rotter. BMC Health Services Research (2016) 16:475

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Published research reports

Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Implementation- Trends and Limitations. Kim J, Farr T. Visions Conference Report, 2001 – 10, 11, 12 October

Research on Health Hazards Evaluation and Health Status in Construction Workers. Kim J, Choi J W. National Report sponsored by Ministry of Labor in Korea, 1998: December