Helen Hall

Phone: 53279237
Email: h.hall@federation.edu.au
Position: Discipline Leader
Discipline: Midwifery


  • Doctor of Philosophy,  Monash University
  • Graduate Certificate in Health Professional Education, Monash University
  • Master of Midwifery, Monash University
  • Graduate Diploma of Midwifery, RMIT
  • Diploma of Applied Science, Southern School of Natural Therapies
  • Registered Nurse; Division 1, Alfred Hospital

Teaching areas

  • Midwifery

Professional associations

  • Australian College of Midwives

Research interest

  • Midwifery workforce development
  • Quality of care
  • Global maternity care
  • Integrative medicine and models of care

Current projects

  • Hall H., Fooldai E, Yeganeh L., Sinni S., Kloster J., White C & Mclaren M Successful childbearing; women’s experiences and views about the factors that optimise safety and quality in maternity care
  • Hall H., Crawford K., Mahmood A., Kep J., Nerlyn P., & J. Pyakalydia The PNG Midwifery Leadership Buddy Program; views from participants and key stake holders
  • Sweet L., Hartney N., Hall H. Davey K., McInnes R., Atchan M., Martis R., Daellenbach R & L. Kearney. The Epic study: Early Parenting and Infant feeding during COVID-19 pandemic

Higher degree research supervision

PhD completions

  • Barriers and enablers to exclusive breastfeeding among mothers returning to work in Ethiopia
  • Midwives management of telephone conversations (telephone triage) with pregnant or postnatal women: A mixed methods study
  • WHO Ten Steps to Successful Breastfeeding - Progress, Barriers and Opportunities in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Exploration of postpartum maternal health among a sample of Saudi Arabian women in Riyadh, KSA
  • Transitional Togetherness: The changing nature of the parent-healthcare provider relationship when a child dies in the paediatric intensive care unit

Honours and Masters completions

  • Women’s experiences of birth trauma
  • Midwifery students providing continuity of care experiences to Afghan women of refugee background
  • Midwives’ Knowledge and Practice in Relation to Early Skin-to-Skin Contact and Breastfeeding in Oman
  • Methods of induction of labour and birthing outcomes in an Australian public maternity service

Grants and awards

2020 - 2022Hall, H.,Crawford K, Mahmood A Kep J Nerlyn P & Pyakalyia J.(2020) .The PNG Midwifery Leadership Buddy Program; views from participants and key stakeholders Rotary Club of Morialta $9,000
2018 - 2019Hall, H., Lauche, R., Holt, S., Weller, C., Carr, B. & Monk, N. (2017). The effect of partner-delivered massage on maternal mental health during pregnancy: a pilot study. Monash Nursing and Midwifery Strategic Grant Scheme $20,000.
2018 - 2019Griffith, Brooks, Endacott, Dix, Rees-Sidhu, Barton, Hall, Bradley, Gibson, Harrison, Ilic, Maloney, Leech, Adams, Merriman, Fuller, Homer, Vance. (2018) Development of an Objective Structures Clinical Exam (OSCE) for internationally qualified nurses. Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency $503,098.
2018 Hall, H., Lauche, R., Holt, S., Weller, C., Carr, B. & Monk, N. (2017). The Massage and Maternal Anxiety (MAMA) study; the effect of partner-delivered massage on maternal mental health during pregnancy: a pilot study. Australian Research Centre for Complementary and Integrative Medicine $5,000
2017Rees, C., Crampton, P., Brock, T., Brown, T.., Mundy, M., Hall, H., Oliaro, L., Palermo, Paynter, S., Willets, G., Williams, B., Wright, C. (2017) Setting the agenda for health professional education research at Monash: A cross-Faculty research priority setting exercise Teaching & Learning grant application- $19,901.
2015 - 2017Hall, H., Leach, M., Brosnan C., and Collins M. (2016-2017) Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and Nurses: Improving patient safety through communication and collaboration. Endeavour College $13,991.
2017 - 2018Frawley, J., Flowler, C., Wardle, J., Hall, H., Sinclair L., Cummins, A. (2017) The role of midwives in increasing maternal and childhood vaccination uptake UTS Faculty of Health, seeding grant. $21,287.41.
2017 - 2018McLelland, G., Hall, H., Plummer, V., Dix, S., Tremayne, A., Kumar, A., East, C., Carr, B., Buttigieg, H. & Fernando, S. (2017) Midwifery and medical students’ knowledge, self-efficacy and satisfaction following simulation of inter-professional management of primary postpartum haemorrhage. Monash University – Internal Faculty Contribution: $15,000
2015Butler, A, Copnell, B, Willets, G. & H. Hall. Parents perspectives on the death of a child in the Paediatric Intensive Care Unit (2015) Australian College of Critical Care Nurses. $6,000
2015Singh, C, Williams, A., Willey, S., Crawford, K., Harder, K., Hall, H &    Plummer, V. A pilot study exploring medication adherence among Indians in Victoria who experience chronic medical conditions’ Monash University Peninsula Campus seeding grant (2015) $9,132
2014Beattie, J, Hall, H, Biro, M, Lau, R, East, C. The effects of mindfulness training on maternal stress, depressed mood and present moment awareness: A pilot study. Nurses Board of Victoria - Mona Menzies Postdoctoral Research Grant (2014): $49,988.00
2014McLelland G, Hall H, Stow J, Morphet J, Williams B, McKenna L,Perera C. Simulation of the management of unplanned births: An innovative strategy for inter-professional learning involving undergraduate paramedics, midwives and nurses. Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences Learning & Teaching Research Grant, Monash University. $10,000
2010 - 2012Cooper, S, McKenna, L, Bogossian, F, Fox-Young, S, Brady, S, Hall, H Simulated Learning Environments -Nursing Curriculum Report Health Workforce Australia $52,963.00
2010 - 2012Gilmour, C, McLelland, G, Hall, H. Breastfeeding Gap Analysis Department of Education and Early Childhood Development $25,000.00
2010 - 2012Gilmour, C, Monk, H, Hall, H. Healthy Women and Infants: A study of infant feeding practices during the first 12 months of life Peninsula Campus Formative Research Grant $2,000.


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