Dr Dominic McNeil

Position: Senior Lecturer, Exercise and Sport Psychology
Discipline: Exercise and Sport Science
Location: Mt Helen Campus, Room P337
Phone: (03) 5327 9445
Email: d.mcneil@federation.edu.au


Graduate Certificate of Higher Education (Teaching & Learning) – Deakin University – 2021

Doctor of Philosophy – University of Ballarat – 2015

Bachelor of Arts (Psychology) (Honours) – University of Ballarat – 2007

Bachelor of Applied Science (Human Movement) – University of Ballarat – 2006


  • Psychosocial Determinants of Physical Activity (HEALT1705)
  • Psychology of Sport and Exercise (EXSCI2173)
  • Communication and Complex Conditions in Exercise Physiology Practice (EXPHS6014)


Dominic is a Senior Lecturer in Sport and Exercise Psychology in the Exercise and Sport Science Discipline at Federation University Australia. Having worked in tertiary institutions in Victoria and NSW since 2012, he has developed a broad interest in areas associated with sport psychology, motor cognition, motor control, and motor learning. Dominic has been involved in teaching undergraduate and postgraduate subjects relating to Sport and Exercise Psychology, Psychology of Physical Activity, Motor Learning and Motor Control as well as Health and Physical Activity. Dominic initially obtained his PhD at the University of Ballarat investigating the conceptual issue of whether imagery involves facets of uncertainty. He is also a published author in a range of sport psychology and motor learning areas, as well as presented at national and international conferences.

Research interests

  • Psychological factors that influence Community Physical Activity and Health
  • Mental Health of Elite Athletes
  • Nature-based physical activity
  • Performance Psychology in Sport
  • Skill Acquisition


Dominic is currently available for supervision of Honours and Higher Degree Research Students.

He has previously been an PhD co-supervisor (2019) and successfully supervised 30+ Honours Student Thesis to submission.


Refereed journal articles

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Refereed conference proceedings

McNeil, D. G., Julian-Best, Z., & Casey, M. (2022). Wellbeing associated with Community-level Women’s AFL Participation: A Qualitative Analysis. Oral Presentation at the Global Alliance of Mental Health in Sport Conference. Wollongong, Australia.

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