Brown, Chris

Phone: (03) 5327 9698
Room: P918
Position: 0.5 eLearning coordinator 0.5 Lecturer
Discipline: Human movement and sport science


  • M.HSci (HP)
  • B.Ed (PE) Hons, RN

Teaching areas

Health science, exercise and sport science, health and physical education

Professional associations

Australian Council for Health, Physical Education and Recreation

Research interests

eLearning pedagogy, health promotion, sport science

Supervised projects

  1. Tyndall, K. (2006). Understanding the behaviours of binge-drinking amongst university students: Using the theory of planned behaviour as a framework.
  2. Makin, C. (2008). Having the confidence to teach health: Undergraduate physical education teacher self-efficacy.
  3. Woods, M. (2011). Teachers' perceptions of the opportunities and challenges in health education: Secondary education: Years 7-10.
  4. University of Ballarat. (2009-2011). Creating quality eLearning processes & practices in HMSS. An Evaluation of the Perceptions and Attitudes to eLearning.