Blake Peck

Phone: (03) 5327 9097
Room: H113
Position: Senior Lecturer
Discipline: Nursing


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Ballarat
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honours), Deakin University
  • Bachelor of Nursing, Deakin University

Teaching areas

  • Research Methods
  • Pathophysiology of Disease
  • Pharmacology

Professional associations

Australian College of Children and Young Peoples Nurses (ACCYPN) – Member

Australian Nursing Board Registration – Registered Nurse (Div1)

Research interests

  • Research that seeks to better understand and improve the lives of children and their families.
  • Experience and management of incontinence in children
  • Childhood long-term illness
  • Paediatric Injury
  • Paediatric Asthma
  • Health workforce
  • Qualitative Research Theory
  • Hermeneutic Phenomenology

Grants and awards


  • Evaluation of the Community Program: Quantum: Child and Adolescent Behaviour Program. Grant of $173,866, Latrobe Health Assembly, Victoria, Australia.
  • Ballarat for Kids: Hearing the voices of children as users of healthcare services in regional Victoria. Grant of $150,000, Department of Health and Human Services, Victoria, Australia.
  • Validity of the body-worn alarm system for the management of enuresis in children. Grant of $60,000, Western Alliance, Victoria, Australia.
  • The practice nurse study in Western Victoria. Grant of $37,000, Western Alliance, Victoria, Australia.
  • Pilot evaluation of structured group urotherapy sessions for children with complex elimination disorders in a regional hospital. Grant funding of $2,500, Ballarat Health Service, Grampians Regional Continence Service, Victoria, Australia.
  • Student placement and Nurse Burnout: Using Communities of Practice to solve a wicked business problem. Grant of $4,929, School of Health, Federation University Australia.
  • Childhood injury rates pre and post an independently run and well-established injury prevention program for children aged 4-6. Grant of $4,875, School of Health, Federation University Australia.
  • The impact of personality traits and rural practice intentions on nursing student career trajectory, nursing roles, and their longevity in the profession: Grant of $4,473, School of Health Seed Funding Grants, Federation University Australia.


  • Deans Award, School of Health, 2019
  • Lecturer of the Year (Nominee), 2012, UniSuper


Book Chapters

Smith, A., Peck, B., and Terry, D. (2020) Nursing Men. In Nursing in Australia: Contemporary Professional and Practice Insights. Eds.  Wilson, N. J., et al. (2020). Nursing in Australia: Contemporary Professional and Practice Insights, Taylor & Francis.

Recent Journal articles

Mornane, C., Peck, B., Terry., Ryan, M., (2021) Twice-Daily Moisturizer Application for Skin Tear Prevention among Older Adults in Acute Care, Advances in Skin & Wound Care: February.34(2) 1-4 doi:10.1097/01.ASW.0000725180.14180.da

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