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CASPer - Non-academic selection for Initial Teacher Education

All candidates who wish to enrol in any of Federation University Australia’s Initial Teacher Education programs will need to complete a non-academic selection component as part of the admission requirements.

Why do I need to complete a non-academic selection component?

This requirement is part of the the Victorian Framework for Selection into Initial Teacher Education. It requires all candidates into initial teacher education programs from 2018 onwards to include a non-academic selection component. At Federation University Australia, all candidates must complete the CASPer assessment. Some of the attributes that are assessed include:

  • how motivated you are to teach
  • strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • a willingness to learn
  • resilience and self-efficacy
  • how conscientious you are
  • organisational and planning skills.

How do I complete a non-academic selection component?

The assessment is completed through CASPer, which is an online screening tool designed to assess important personal and professional qualities against the Victorian Framework for Selection for Initial Teacher Education.

The assessment has 12 sections, each with a video-based or written scenario, followed by three questions. For each scenario, all three questions must be answered within a total of 5 minutes. Responses are assessed by external markers who are trained to mark your attempts at resolving the ethical and professional situations contained within each scenario.

Where do I complete the non-academic selection component?

You will need to complete the assessment at a scheduled time. Candidates can only attempt the assessment once each academic calendar. Test times are in the Eastern time zone as indicated: EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) or EST (Eastern Savings Time).

We recommend you register at least three days before the date you’d like to take CASPer, so you give yourself enough time for your ID to be verified and your payment processed.

To register for CASPer, you’ll need to have the following ready:

  • Government-issued photo ID –for example a passport, driver licence or learners permit card
  • If you’re applying through VTAC, you’ll need to enter your VTAC number
  • If you are applying direct to Federation University Australia – you will need to enter your Federation University Australia Applicant ID Number or your Federation University Australia Student ID

How much will it cost?

The CASPer test costs $80 and is non-refundable. The test cost is not charged to or received by Federation University Australia.

How is CASPer used in my admission application?

As well as an ATAR minimum score, your CASPer assessment is compared to other candidates who take the assessment on the same day as you. For Federation University Australia, the lower threshold score is -2SD.

More information

In the advent of CASPer being unavailable, the University reserves the right to substitute an alternative non-cognitive assessment

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