Reshmi Roy

Position: Adjunct Senior Research Fellow
Study Area:Education, Humanities and Social Sciences
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  • PhD in English and Cultural Studies (University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
  • Master of Arts with distinction (Feminist/Gender Studies), University of Canterbury, New Zealand)
  • Master of Arts (English), University of Mumbai, India.
  • Diploma in Journalism, Mumbai, India.
  • B.A. Hons (English), University of Bombay, India.
  • Currently undertaking a PhD (Exegesis), Faculty of Arts and Education, Deakin University, Australia


Sociology and Education

  • FEAFN1001: Successful Learning at University
  • SOSCI1002: The Sociological Imagination
  • SOSCI2105:  Community Activism and Social Change
  • SOSCI2101:  Critical Ethnography


Dr Reshmi Lahiri-Roy currently teaches within the Faculty of Arts and Education at Deakin University as well as within the School of Arts and the School of Education at Federation University. She is also the Director of the Institute of Studies in Race, Education and Migration, Australia, a research institute which focuses on building better understanding of diversity within Australian academic, social and cultural spaces. Reshmi obtained her PhD (English and Cultural Studies, 2005) from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, and is currently pursuing a second PhD in Inclusive Education at Deakin University. Her current research looks at experiences of inclusion of migrant women of colour within academia. Reshmi also holds a Masters in Gender Studies as well another in Comparative Literature, along with a Diploma in Journalism. Reshmi’s career in education encompasses research, teaching and industry engagement across the tertiary education, school, and non-profit sectors.

Areas of expertise

As an interdisciplinary social scientist, Reshmi’s research interests meet at the intersection of sociology of education, pedagogy (in higher education, in the community and within the public), and in innovative methodology (for example, involving migrant, gender and cultural studies combined with auto/ethnographical and critical ethnographical positionalities). They also include the role of education policy and practice in relation to diverse social inequalities and focus on the pedagogies and curriculum shaping inclusive education, literacy, gendered migration, equity and access to education. Her current research focuses on advancing global understanding of how auto/ethnographical experiences of education shape the creation of academic identities among marginalised groups within Higher Education in an era characterised by neo-liberalised individualisation. A core focus of her research is gender equity stressing on migrant women’s empowerment and their social, cultural, and emotional vulnerabilities. Her work aims to explore issues relating to economic and social exclusion, migration and displacement, the impact of such exclusions on migrant populations at risk of higher disadvantages, while concomitantly supporting formation of policy and intervention models through approaches based on principles of social justice, inclusion and equity within education and the humanities. Her research areas are transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary covering Australian Research Council FOR CODES: 1301, 1399, 1608, 1699, 2002, 2005. Reshmi publishes in high impact journals including Pedagogy, Culture & Society, Journal of Intercultural Studies, Emotion, Space and Society, Women’s Studies International Forum, Journal of Vocational Education and Training among others. She is an invited reviewer for reputed journals such as Social Identities, International Migration Review, International Journal of Lifelong Learning, and Journal of Gender Studies and the co-editor of Asian Women, Identity and Migration Experiences of Transnational Women of Indian Origin/Heritage (Routledge UK, 2020/21).

Research interests

  • Social and Cultural inclusion
  • Inclusive Education and Social justice
  • Race, Gender, and Migration in education
  • Women of Colour in Academia
  • Innovative Qualitative Methodology
  • Gendered Subjectivities and Emotional Reflexivity


Open to research supervision for Postgraduate students.


Journal articles

Lahiri-Roy, R. & Martinussen, M. (2023) “Do our Diversities Count?” Collaborative reflections on dwelling in academe’s intersectional shadowlands. International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education.

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Book chapters

De Peres Costa, S. & Lahiri-Roy, R. (2021) "An Infinity of Traces: Reshmi Lahiri-Roy Interviews Suneeta Peres da Costa" in Lokuge, C. & Ringrose C (Eds.) Creative Lives: Interviews with Contemporary South Asian Diaspora Writers. Ibidem Press/Columbia University Press: Germany

Lahiri-Roy, R. (2020), "Listen and You'll hear": Autoethnography and Educational Desire” in Belford, N., & Lahiri-Roy, R. (Eds.) Asian Women, Identity and Migration: Experiences of transnational women of Indian origin/heritage (1st ed.). Routledge: UK

Belford, N., & Lahiri-Roy, R. (2020). Conclusion: ‘Gendered subjective multivocality’ and the emotional dynamics within journeys of hopes and fears. In N. Belford & R. Lahiri-Roy (Eds.), Asian Women, Identity and Migration: Experiences of transnational women of Indian origin/heritage (1st ed.). Routledge: UK.

Lahiri-Roy, R., & Belford, N. (2020). Introduction: Journeys of Hope and Fear In N. Belford & R. Lahiri-Roy (Eds.), Asian Women, Identity and Migration: Experiences of transnational women of Indian origin/heritage (1st ed.). Routledge: UK

Lahiri-Roy, R. (2016) ‘The Urban Hindu Arranged Marriage in Contemporary Indian Society’ in Sweetman, W. & Malik, A. (Eds.) Hinduism in India: Modern and Contemporary Movements, Sage Publications, India.

Books & Reports

Knight, E. & Roy, R. (2022) Review of enrolment practices for students with disability. Project Report. Centre for International Research on Education Systems, Melbourne, Australia

Belford, N., & Lahiri-Roy, R. (Eds.). (2020). Asian Women, Identity and Migration: Experiences of transnational women of Indian origin/heritage (1st ed.). UK: Routledge.

Webb, S. C., Black, R., Morton, R., Plowright, S. J., & Roy, R. (2015). Geographical and place dimensions of post-school participation in education and work. NCVER.


Lahiri-Roy, R. (2013), ‘Wanderings in India: Australian Perspectives’-- Book Review, Transnational Literature, 5 (2), May 2013.

Lahiri-Roy, R. (2014), ‘Deranged Marriage: A Memoir by Sushi Das’—Book review, Transnational Literature, 6 (2), May 2014.

Media Articles

Lahiri-Roy, R. & Belford, N. (2022). Faculti. Asian Women, Identity and Migration.

Lahiri-Roy, R. & Banerjee, A. (2021) Immigrant conundrums: parents, visas, and Australian Citizenship during the pandemic.


  • Member, Social Justice, Inclusion and Diversity (SJIDE), Federation University
  • Member, Research for Educational Development (REDI), Deakin University.
  • Founding and current member, New Zealand South Asia Centre (NZSAC), University of Canterbury.
  • Member, South Asian Studies Association of Australia (SASAA) (by Invitation)
  • Member of South Asia Diasporic International Researchers Network (SADIRN, a Monash-Asia Institute initiative) (by invitation)
  • Member, AWGSA (Australian Women and Gender Studies Association)
  • Member, Migration and Mobility Research network (School of Global and Urban Studies, RMIT University)
  • Member, Gender and Sexuality Studies Network (GSS) Deakin University
  • Member, Australasian Centre for Human Rights and Health (ACHRH) (by invitation).